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  • Portable Steam Iron - Gadgets Gorilla
  • Portable Steam Iron - Gadgets Gorilla
  • Portable Steam Iron - Gadgets Gorilla
  • Portable Steam Iron - Gadgets Gorilla
  • Portable Steam Iron - Gadgets Gorilla
  • Portable Steam Iron - Gadgets Gorilla
  • Portable Steam Iron - Gadgets Gorilla
  • Portable Steam Iron - Gadgets Gorilla
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Portable Steam Iron

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Lovely and lacy? Youthful but wild hearted? Check out your fashion dress with this air-iron, a perfect balance of fashion and function. The latest model from Xiaomi steaming iron has been injected to perfection care for you. And the new curly ball design makes it easier for you to create wavy hair styles simultaneously. Even less time waiting in front of the mirror, just holding down the 'steam' make steam for 10 seconds and waving around like beautiful flower petals.

Your fingers will almost feel distressed when you find out how light (2 kgs) and small (12 x 8 x 13 cm) it is! Now we know why they call it Mi - little thing can do


➡️The product is designed to give you the convenience of steaming your clothes without having to worry about their creases. With two types of thermostat, it can adjust temperate for different fabrics so that they retain vivid colors and last long.

➡️Whether your clothes are new or pre-washed, its anti-fading feature protects them from discoloration. The powerful steam generator gives you the ability to iron quickly even if you have four items in one session.

➡️Thanks to its triangular nozzle design which works with gravity, all the water gets transferred into a single drip hole when wet after use, easier for cleaning up!

High temperature sterilization to eliminate mites.
Eliminate bacteria and mites, the cleaning rate reaches 99.9%,
protecting your skin health.
160ML water tank.
The water tank can be disassembled,
and the water tank mechanism is optimized to solve the problem of steam shortage without leaving water stains.
Humanized design, light and comfortable.
Weight 780g.
Supports horizontal ironing, like an electric iron.
Standing design.
Six security protections
1. Fuse protection.
2. Insulation material, low plastic surface temperature.
3. Temperature control.
4. Rubber power cord, high temperature resistant
5. One key to start, three seconds delay protection.
6. Separation of water and electricity.
Important details
Insulation silicone, high temperature resistance.
The indicator flashes.
Clothes cleaning brush to clean dust.


  • Portable Size Save space: A handheld garment steamer combined Hanging steamer and steam iron in one
  • Supercharged Steaming: 1200W Steam Plus intelligent steam heating, remove the wrinkles without wetting clothes
  • Convenient use: Removable large water tank designed at the back side, keep handheld balance
  • No damage to clothes: 130 ℃ aluminum cast panel can finish setting shape instantly without damage clothes
  • Easy operation: 5 ° Tilt body, easy to hold, and the desktop vertical design, can be taken anywhere
  • Fast heating: Hot in 30 seconds, makes fast ironing efficiently
  • Clean and Hygienic: The mite removal rate reaches 99.9% after High temperature sterilization